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We care A LOT about strategy management and believe in the power of people and collaboration in achieving exceptional performance results, outcomes, and impact.

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If this is what gets you up in the morning, how would you like to join us in making strategy management success a reality for as many organizations as possible?

We partner with like-minded strategy management professionals, experts, and consultants, funding organizations, and other people and providers to bring StrategyShare, and the benefits of a collaborative approach to strategy creation, implementation, management, and improvement, to companies and organizations of all sizes around the globe.

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We offer our partners the opportunity to share and use the StrategyShare platform with their clients. When they do, our partners receive a portion of subscription revenues while their clients use StrategyShare to power their strategy management efforts and success.

Our partners love introducing organizations to StrategyShare because using the platform really does help their clients achieve better performance outcomes and impact. In addition, using StrategyShare with their clients gives our partners a window into their clients' strategy management efforts, making it easier to build deep ongoing client relationships and pro-actively help clients’ build capacity and course correct on their strategy management journey.

We love collaborating with our partners! As a special bonus, all of our partners are invited to join our community of practice. Get connected with other members of our partner group to share ideas, learn from success stories, develop thought leadership in collaboration with other experts, participate in regular discussions and Q & A forums, and build relationships with your peers.

Together, we are a connected group of passionate people working hard to have a positive and transformational impact on the way strategy management is practiced in organizations around the world.

If you’d like to join us, please drop us a line so we can explore this opportunity with you.

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