StrategyShare is the strategy management platform made FOR business people BY business people

StrategyShare was created in 2015 by Sandy Richardson. As a strategy executive, Sandy learned the value of a good application in enabling successful strategy implementation and execution, and business results achievement. During her time in the business world (and later as a strategy consultant), Sandy has worked with several great performance management applications.

However, she always felt that something was missing.

While these applications did a fine job at presenting performance results data, Sandy realized early on that data alone isn’t enough to guarantee strategy success. It takes more.

A combination of data, documents, analysis, discussion, insights, and improvement plans are the "must have's" for successful strategy execution and results achievement.

Since 2000, Sandy has had a vision of an intuitive platform that would integrate all of these important components together into one easily accessible strategy management "hub" and collaboration hotspot.

Now the wait is over -

StrategyShare is that platform.

StrategyShare is THE toolkit and workspace your organization needs to put your strategy into action and achieve results.

Create your organization's strategy

Implement, manage, and improve your strategy roadmap

Engage everyone in focusing on what delivers the greatest value

Show the results and impact you are creating for your customer, clients, and stakeholders

Who We Are

We are a team of passionate people who believe in the power of a clear strategy, people, information, and collaboration to transform organizations and the outcomes they deliver to customers, clients, and stakeholders.

Sandy Richardson:

Thinker of big ideas, Doer, Strategy Management Mentor and Student.

We’re located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – the heart of Waterloo Region’s vibrant tech community.

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