About Strategy Share

Translating the big ideas, and plans for success, for your organization into extraordinary
results should be easy. But, for most organizations – it’s not.

Some very big obstacles get in the way every day……

It's hard to know EXACTLY what needs to be in your strategy management toolkit to achieve great results and high impact outcomes

Putting a solid strategy management system and quality strategy content in place usually requires costly guidance and big investments.

Creating a consistently understood, "shared view" of your strategy and how to implement it across your entire organization is challenging.

Strategy-critical information is hidden all across your organization. Finding it is hard and pulling it together into a useful single view takes hours of manual effort.

Most strategy execution technology solutions are incomplete and don't give you all the information you need to manage your strategy effectively and efficiently.

Getting people together to solve problems and create the breakthrough innovations that move your organization forward can be time intensive and tricky to do.

StrategyShare eliminates these obstacles and makes it easy to translate your
organization’s big plans for success into big results.

How does it do it?

StrategyShare helps you get expert strategy results without having to be a strategy expert.

StrategyShare puts everything that's important for your strategy's success in one place, at everyone's fingertips - where and when they need it.

It makes it easy to give your people a seat at the strategy management table and give them ownership in your strategy's success.

Connecting strategy with the doing part of the work makes it easy for everyone to focus on the things that produce the right results - every day.

Integrating results data, analysis, commentary and insights together in one view gives people everything they need to make smart decisions.

It gives people a platform to collaborate, solve problems and create the breakthrough innovations that help your organization achieve great results faster.

StrategyShare is a digital collaboration workspace that helps your organization achieve
better results, returns, and outcomes by keeping your

  • Strategy content
  • Strategy implementation roadmap
  • Performance results
  • Information and knowledge
  • Corrective action plans
  • Lessons learned, best practices, and success stories and conversations

Together in one convenient, easily accessible place.

StrategyShare is a complete strategy management solution and workspace hosted in the cloud.

Affordable & Scalable

Get started with strategy maps for free.

A range of subscription levels at affordable prices means you can get exactly the strategy management solution you need and only pay for what you’ll use.

Start where you are – StrategyShare grows with you.

Ready To Go - Easy To Get Started

Get started when you and your team want to.

No sales person to talk with or consultant support required (Unless you really want it!).

With best practice frameworks, and expert resources, embedded right in the platform, StrategyShare makes it easy for you and your team to get expert strategy results on your own right away.

Unlimited Users = Barrier-free Collaboration

We don’t price by user license like the other guys do. AND we don’t restrict what your users can do on the platform – you decide.

That’s how StrategyShare helps you make everyone in your organization a partner in your strategy’s success!

Safe And Secure

Delivering StrategyShare as “software as a service” means there’s nothing to install or maintain.

StrategyShare is hosted with the protection of your organization’s strategy in mind.

StrategyShare is your organization’s essential strategy management platform and toolkit.

StrategyShare helps your organization focus on what matters most – implementing your strategy, achieving extraordinary results, and producing transformational customer and stakeholder outcomes.

Find out how StrategyShare helps organizations achieve results and make their mission a reality

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